Ain't No Business Like Show Business
Airdate April 12, 1993
Written by Will Smith (story)
Jeff Pollack (story and teleplay)
Directed by Shelley Jensen
You Bet Your Life
The Way We Were

Ain't No Business Like Show Business is the twenty-second episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's third season which was first broadcast on April 12, 1993.

Summary Edit

Will lands a spot in a comedy showcase after accompanying a comic friend (D. L. Hughley) to an audition.

Plot Edit

Will accompanies his comedian friend from Philadelphia, Keith, to a comedy audition where he lands a spot in a comedy showcase when the woman in charge in audition sees him doing a chivalry routine to pick up a girl. Keith becomes angered at Will getting into the showcase as comedy is just a joke to him while Keith has been working hard at it and takes it very seriously. Will tells Phillip his intentions of pursuing comedy as a career over college but Phillip threatens him if he goes near a comedy club.

At the comedy showcase, Will bombs on stage while trying to make jokes about a date with no arms and about Carlton's height and appearance. Keith takes over and receives a warm reception from the crowd, making up with Will after his routine is over. Phillip tells Will he won't punish him as his comedy career dying within seconds is punishment enough but tells him to get anywhere in life, he needs the proper education.