Vivian Banks
Main Info
Full Name Vivian Smith Banks
Occupation University Teacher
Age 50
Birth October 21, 1951
Family Philip Banks (husband)

Carlton Banks (son) Nicky Banks (son) Hilary Banks (daughter) Ashley Banks (daughter) Eli Smith (father) Vy Smith (sister) Janice Smith (sister) Helen Smith (sister) Will Smith (nephew) Bobby Lewis (nephew) Frank Schaffer, Jr. (nephew) Fred Wilkes (brother-in-law) Lester Lewis (ex-brother-in-law) Frank Schaffer, Sr. (brother-in-law) Lisa Wilkes (step-niece) Lou Smith (ex-brother-in-law) Hattie Banks (mother-in-law) Joe Banks (father-in-law)

First Appearance "The Fresh Prince Project"
Last Appearance "I, Done (Part 2)"
Actor Janet Hubert-Whitten (Seasons 1-3)

Daphne Maxwell Reid (Seasons 4-6)


Vivian Smith-Banks is Will Smith's maternal aunt. She became engaged to Philip Banks on an episode of Soul Train and they married later at an unknown time and place. When she and all her sisters get together, they have a habit of jumping up and down in a happy way (after a couple times, Will starts to join in). When she was pregnant with Nicky it was shown that she had an unbearable side; constantly ringing a bell for a "maid", irritating everyone, including Phillip. In the first three seasons, while portrayed by Janet Hubert-Whitten, she had a feisty more cynical side, cracking jokes around people who did more unorthodox things (mostly around Jamison Witworth, even though he was around for only one episode). When portrayed by Daphne Maxwell Reid, she had less of an attitude, yet she was still feisty sometimes. However, she made fewer appearances than Hubert-Whitten.