Bang the Drum, Ashley
Bang the Drum, Ashley
Episode No. 2
Season Season 1
Episode infomation
Original Broadcast Date September 17, 1990
Network NBC
Written by Shannon Gaughan
Directed by Debbie Allen
Chronological Information
Preceded by Pilot (TFP Project)
Followed by Clubba Hubba

Bang the Drum, Ashley is the second episode of the first season from the television sitcom on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. This show was originally aired from NBC on September 17, 1990. It was directed by Debbie Allen and written by Shannon Gaughan.

The episode name is a pun on the 1956 baseball novel (and later film) Bang the Drum Slowly.

Plot Edit

After Ashley reveals to Will that she does not enjoy playing the violin, he takes her to a pawn shop in East LA and trades her violin in for a drum set. He tries to ease the blow to Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv by also getting them gifts before revealing Ashley's new music teacher, Jazz.

Synopsis Edit

Will is reluctantly forced to take Ashley and her friends to their violin lesson, where he discovers that she does not enjoy the violin and trades it at a pawn shop in East LA for a drum set, much to the ire of Uncle Phil who wants her to play the violin as he believes it makes her an accomplished young woman for doing so. Jazz, Ashley's new music instructor, is thrown out of the house for the first time after record scratching when Will tells him to turn up the volume on the classical music the Banks family listens to at tea time.

Ashley later reveals that she does not enjoy the drums or violin, only agreeing to do so in order to please Will and Uncle Phil, who both realize that they are trying to control Ashley. 

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Trivia Edit

  • In syndication, they cut Hilary's line "I want her severely punished".
  • This is the first appearance of Jazz and the first time he gets thrown out of the house.
  • Syndication cuts the scene where Ashley's music teacher confronts Will for reading a magazine during the lesson.

Goofs Edit

  • When Geoffrey gives Philip some water, the amount of water changes between shots.
  • Philip says that Will is 17, but in a later episode, Will says he left Philly when he was 14.

Quotes Edit

  • Ashley: Mommy, who's gonna take me to my tennis lesson after school today?
  • Vivian: Are you sure it tennis today, sweetie? Maybe you better check the schedule.
  • Will: Schedule?!
  • Ashley: Yeah, my parents bought me this calendar so I can keep my lessons straight. Did you an afterschool schedule when you were my age?
  • Will: Yeah, the tv guide.
  • Ashley: See, Monday's for ballet, Tuesday's writing, Wednesday's violin... oops.
  • Vivian: I thought today was violin today, sweetpie.
  • Carlton: You mean Ashley would've shown up to her violin lesson in her tennis outfit?


  • Hilary: Ha, I just pictured it.
  • Carlton: Well, I'm two for two. I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead.
  • Will: That's just retirement.
  • Carlton: Ouch, keep 'em coming, Will.