Bobby Lewis
Family Lester Lewis (father)
Helen Smith (mother)
Eli Smith (maternal grandfather)
Vivian Banks (maternal aunt)
Janice Smith (maternal aunt)
Vy Smith (maternal aunt)
Phillip Banks (maternal uncle)
Frank Schaffer, Sr. (maternal uncle)
Fred Wilkes (maternal uncle)
Hilary Banks (maternal cousin)
Carlton Banks (maternal cousin)
Ashley Banks (maternal cousin)
Nicky Banks

(maternal cousin)
Will Smith (maternal cousin)
Frank Schaffer, Jr. (maternal cousin)
Lisa Wilkes (maternal cousin)

Actor Ahmad Stoner

Bobby Lewis is the son of Helen Smith and Lester Lewis as well as the cousin of Hilary, Carlton, Ashley, Will and Nicky.

Bobby is noted for his bad behavior which is even worse than Will's as Will says that the family appreciates him a lot more whenever Bobby comes over to visit. Of the family, Ashley shares the strongest annoyance with Bobby.