Community Action
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 17
Community Action
Air Date February 3, 1992
Writer(s) Cheryl Gard
Director Ellen Falcon
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Next Ill Will

Community Action is the seventeenth episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's second season which was first broadcasted on February 3, 1992.

Summary Edit

When Hilary is ordered to do community service at a free clinic, the doctor in charge becomes the antidote for her marriage-mindedness.

Jazz abuses the Bank's generosity by sleeping in the pool house with Carlton's supposed girlfriend, stealing Uncle Phil's bathrobe and Ashley's CD player. Will convinces Phillip to let Jazz stay and do Geoffrey's job while he's sick. Jazz ends up messing everything up however.


  • Hilary's phone number is 551-5914.
  • Michole White later plays as Lindsey Simon in the season 3 episode, P.S I Love You.
  • Running Gags:
  1. Jazz messing up things around the house.
  2. Hilary trying to attract Alec.
  3. Phillip, Carlton, and Ashley blaming Will for their stolen items.
  • According to Hilary, the Banks' phones number is 555-9130.
  • In the audio for Latin American Spanish, the name of Dr. Alec Hudson is changed to Dr. Alec Preston.
  • This episode's bloopers were various takes of Jazz flying out the door.

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