Dee Dee Williams
Full Name Denise Williams
AKA Dee Dee
Romances Will Smith
Actor Queen Latifah
Only seen "She Ain't Heavy"
Denise "Dee Dee" Williams is the daughter of one of Phillip Banks' clients who attends a Los Angeles Lakers game with Will. At first, Will is happy about meeting Dee Dee due to how attractive his previous blind dates (Kayla Samuels, Janet and Helen) were. However, he begins to become shallow upon meeting Dee Dee and seeing she is plus size.

Despite this, the two quickly form a friendship over their shared sense of humor and interest though Dee Dee has unrequited feelings for Will. At a pizza parlor while on a date with Will, Tyriq and several of Will's friends from Bel-Air Academy (with the exception of Cornflake) tease Will over Dee Dee's weight and he laughs it off, insisting he is not his date. Overhearing this and angered that Will isn't defending her, Dee Dee ends their friendship. Will attempts to apologize but Dee Dee doesn't answer his calls.

At the dance, Will takes Claudia while Dee Dee brings her own date. Both, however, have a terrible time with their dates who are boring and don't understand their sense of humor. The two ultimately make up and have a great time at the date.