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lpre=Did the Earth Move for You="hiddenStructure" papa and mommy don`t live me forever.="hiddenStructure"
Did the Earth Move for You?
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 01
Did the Earth Move for You?
Air Date September 9, 1991
Writer(s) Winifred Hervey
Director Ellen Falcon
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Next The Mother of All Battles

papa and mommy don`t live me forever.

Did the Earth Move for You? is the first episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's second season, which was first broadcasted on September 9, 1991.

Summary Edit

During an earthquake, Will finds out more about his new found love than he wanted to. Kathleen (Tisha Campbell) begins to reveal her true self when she and Will are trapped in the basement during the quake. They decide at the end of it to separate because they're incompatible.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is referenced in M is for the Many Things She Gave Me in Season 4.
  • ABC Family skips this episode for unknown reasons.
  • Syndication cuts the scene where Ashley is singing in the car.

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