Father Knows Best
Airdate October 24, 1994
Written by Andrea Wiley
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Will's Misery
Sooooooooul Train

Father Knows Best is the seventh episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 24, 1994.

Summary Edit

Ashley reveals to Will that she has dropped out of Bel-Air Academy, and is instead attending public school. When parents' evening arrives, Ashley believes she has no choice and must confess to Uncle Phil that she has switched school. However, when Will decides to pose as Philip to save Ashley's skin, she gets more than she bargained for when he tries to land a date with her teacher.


Ashley reveals to Will that she dropped out of Bel-Air Academy and has been attending public school behind Phillip's back. Though refusing to help, he changes his mind and poses as Ashley's father Raul but becomes attracted to Ashley's teacher Mrs. Sharp. The plan works perfectly with Mrs. Sharp buying the act but Will ruins it by going back in the classroom to flirt with Mrs. Sharp, who rips off his fake mustache. Phillip refuses to allow Ashley to attend the public school since Bel-Air Academy is a controlled environment and he knows everyone there and everyone who isn't there. After talking things over with Vivian and realizing he's been trying to push Ashley into having the options he never did rather than the options he did growing up, he schedules an appointment with Mrs. Sharp and says he will allow her to attend the public school permanently if he is satisfied by the meeting.

Meanwhile, Hilary struggles with the African-American demographic on her talk show and after taking Will's advice, she has models dressed in African clothing. The male demographic goes up as a result of the episode so she is pleased with that.