Frank Schaffer, Sr.
Main Info
Family Janice Smith (wife)

Frank Schaffer, Jr. (son)
Eli Smith (father-in-law)
Vivian Banks (sister-in-law)
Vy Smith (sister-in-law)
Helen Smith (sister-in-law)
Will Smith (nephew)
Carlton Banks (nephew)
Nicky Banks (nephew)
Bobby Lewis (nephew)
Ashley Banks (niece)
Hilary Banks (niece)
Lisa Wilkes (step-niece)

First Appearance "Guess Who's Coming to Marry?"
Last Appearance "Mommy Nearest"
Actor Diedrich Bader (Season 2)
Robert Torti (Season 3)

Frank Schaffer, Sr. is the husband of Janice Smith and the father of Frank Schaffer, Jr. During his first appearance, Janice and Frank were to be married at the Banks residence. The family was surprised that Janice's fiance is white, but gradually come to accept it if she is happy. In a later episode, Frank and Janice have a son called Frank Jr. When the Banks meet Frank Jr, Vivian asks "Oh my goodness, where did you get those beautiful green eyes?" to which Will replies, "I'm guessin', the guy with no rhythm?" to which Frank Sr. replies "You mean Carlton?" and shares a laugh with Will.

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