Frederick Vickers
From England
Family Geoffrey Butler
Actor Craig Kirkwood
Only seen "The Butler's Son Did It"
Frederick Vickers is a guest character in Season 6 of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Craig Kirkwood.


Frederick is the son of a woman named Penelope and, hitherto unbeknownst to him, Geoffrey Butler. Frederick arrives in Bel-Air to reconnect with his father Geoffrey, who faints and believes it all to be a prank until Frederick recites details of Geoffrey's life such as his middle name Barbara and the tattoo of Queen Elizabeth. Geoffrey is happy to finally reunite with his son, who has ambitions of attending Cambridge Academy of Butlering just like his father but sadly, does not have the tuition money.

Frederick befriends Will, Carlton and Jazz. Will, with no money to pay the pizza delivery man, has everyone close their eyes and cover their ears so that he can get the money from the secret stash to pay the pizza man. Frederick, however, peeks out of one eye and discovers that the money is under a plant in the pool house which he steals. Will catches him and is angered that he was attempting to steal his money. Frederick reveals that he has no intentions of being a butler and tells Will that admitting the truth to Geoffrey will only break his heart. Later, Geoffrey gives Frederick a large sum of cash via check to pay for his tuition and Frederick heads to the airport to return to London, having successfully scammed his father out of money.

At the airport, Will catches him and berates Frederick for betraying Geoffrey, who has shown nothing but pride for Frederick and brags about him to his butler friends. Feeling guilty for his actions, Frederick returns to the Banks residence and gives Geoffrey back the money, admitting that he only came there to scam Geoffrey but began to feel bad about it. Geoffrey forgives Frederick, knowing that Frederick only acted out of confusion and anger not out of animosity towards him.