Grumpy Young Men
Season 05
Episode infomation
Original Broadcast Date October 3, 1994
Written by Michael Soccio
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Chronological Information
Preceded by Reality Bites
Followed by Fresh Prince, the Movie

Grumpy Young Men is the fourth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fifth season which was first broadcast on October 3, 1994.

Summary Edit

Will tries to invite his crush, Valerie to his house for a date but she has a cousin coming over so she doesn't have the time. Will, however sets Carlton up for a double date and so Valerie agrees to come over with her cousin, who actually has a bad attitude. The date ends up with Carlton and Valerie kissing, angering Will. Meanwhile, Ashley gets a driver's permit but after hearing about her father's "teaching" skills, she tries learning how to drive some other way.