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Hattie Banks

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Hattie Banks
First Appearance Not With My Pig, You Don't
Last Appearance I, Oooh, Baby, Baby

Hattie Banks is Philip's mother, Hilary's,Carlton's, Ashley's, and Nicky's grandmother. She is played by Virginia Capers. She seems to choose Will over her son and her biological grandchildren, and Will develops a good relationship with her over the course of the series. Her first appearance is in the Episode Not With My Pig You Don't, when she appears alongside her husband. She embarasses Phil by telling the family about his old rural life before being who he is today. Will gets the info published, which causes Phil to erupt on him. This, however causes his mother to erupt on him, and Will ends up trying to get them to make up, which they do once her son admits to his past.

Hattie goes on to make several more appearances, most of them dealing with her relationship with her son and Will, who always tries to smooth the situation between them when it gets negative.

She sppears in a total of 6 episodes. Will calls her "Granny."

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