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Hi-Ho Silver
Season 02, Episode 10
Hi-Ho Silver
Air Date November 18, 1991
Writer Ed Burnham
Elaine Newman
Director Ellen Falcon
Previous Cased Up
Next The Butler Did It

Hi-Ho Silver is the tenth episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's second season which was first broadcast on November 18, 1991.

Summary Edit

When Viv has a guest over and the silverware turn ups missing Will and Carlton assume the silver was stolen by the guest. Will and Carlton do a little investigating of their own.

When they brought it back to their house, Vivian says that the caterers brought it back, making Will and Carlton realize that they stole the silver. When the two robbers were about to return the silver, they were caught under the table by Philip.


  • Carlton tries to wack Will with a rubber glove for making him steal a guest's silverware but misses when Will dodges it making Carlton whip a guard in the chest.
  • Philip was staring at another woman.
  • Carlton said some things.
  • The Banks family were in their house.
  • The above trivia isn't actually trivia.
  • Or is it.

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