Main Info
Family Jazz (brother)
First Appearance "It Had to Be You"
Last Appearance "It Had to Be You"
Actor Vivica A. Fox

Janet is the sister of Jazz. Though Janet appears nice and friendly upon meeting the Banks family, she is really bossy and controlling which is the reason why Jazz attempted to push her off on his best friend, Will Smith.

At a restaurant, Janet and Will are at first flirtatious but Janet begins to show her true colors by controlling what Will eats and acting possessive over Will by refusing to allow him to make eye contact with their waitress the entire night. Will and Jazz decide to push her off onto Carlton Banks, who is known for usually being a pushover. However, at the second date, Carlton stands up for the waitress that Janet was constantly being rude to and tells her off for her behavior. Janet falls for Carlton and takes on a nicer persona, even doing Carlton's note cards for him. Will tries the same technique of putting Janet in her place but she is unphased by Will's threats and insults him further.

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