Janice Smith is the sister of Vy, Vivian and Helen Smith. She is the youngest sister out of the four. Her character is played by Charlayne Woodard.

In the Season 2 episode "Guess Whos Coming to Marry?", Janice announces she is engaged, and brings her fiancée to the Banks residence, a white man named Frank Schaeffer. The entire Banks family reacts with surprise, but soon accept it. The only one who is angry about it is Viola, who thinks Janice is being idiotic in her choice and that she will encounter bigotry in life. Janice defends her actions in that she loves Frank and both she and him are well aware they may face problems in life. Janice and Frank end up getting married at Philip and Vivian's house, and having a son they named Frank Jr.

Not much was known about Frank or his career, but it was hinted that he was well-to-do. When he tried to bond with Will prior to the wedding, Frank as Will's uncle-to-be said he did have the best interests of Will's aunt at heart, and that if Will ever visited them he could use his Porsche, causing Will to (predictably) grant his support to the marriage. Another time it was said that Janice was unable to attend the baptism of her new nephew Nicky Banks as she now lived in Europe thanks to Frank's job sending him there.

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