Joe Banks
Main Info
Full Name Joseph Banks
Family Hattie Banks (wife)

Phillip Banks (son)
Carlton Banks (grandson)
Nicky Banks (grandson)
Hilary Banks (granddaughter)
Ashley Banks (granddaughter)
Vivian Banks (daughter-in-law)

First Appearance "Not with My Pig, You Don't"
Last Appearance "Not with My Pig, You Don't"
Actor Gilbert Lewis

Joseph "Joe" Banks is the deceased husband of Hattie Banks, father of Phillip Banks and the paternal grandfather of Hilary, Carlton, Ashley and Nicky Banks. He makes his first and only appearance on Season 1 as he dies later in the series. His death leaves his son and wife feeling lost.

Trivia Edit

  • When meeting Will Smith (his daughter-in-law's nephew) he refers to Joe as "Grandpa" even though he is not Will's biological grandfather.
  • Sadly, he would not have known his youngest grandson, Nicky as he was born several years after Joe's death.