Just Say Yo
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 19
Air Date February 15, 1993
Writer(s) Efrem Seeger
Director Shelley Jensen
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Next The Baby Comes Out

Just Say Yo is the nineteenth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's third season which was first broadcast on February 15, 1993.

Summary Edit

Will learns a sobering lesson after Carlton pops the wrong pills from Will's locker, mistaking amphetamines for vitamins, and winds up in the hospital.


Carlton: Look at my face!
Will: Oh, please, man! We eating!
Phillip: Will!
Carlton: This is serious. The prom's only three days away and I got a pimple (points his pimple on the right side of his forehead)
Phillip: Carlton, we're eating!
Hilary (about taking out the garbage): This is gross. I don't touch greasy, disgusting things.
Will: Well, just pretend it's buying you dinner afterwards.
Hilary: You take it.
Will: Yo, girl!
Hilary: And for your information, dinner comes first.
Carlton: Can't I get moved to another room? I have a reputation to maintain. What about when I go into political office?
Nurse: I'll tell you the same thing I told the last guy who asked me that. Just tell them you didn't inhale.
Will: Carlton doesn't take drugs, he hates drugs, we still have to mix his aspirin in with applesauce.
Nurse: Well, that wasn't applesauce we pumped out of his stomach.
Nurse: (to Carlton) Listen, sweetie, the first time I came to this hospital, it was on a stretcher. I've been from Yale to jail and from Park Avenue to park bench, but now I'm clean and sober.
Will: Carlton, I have some bad news.
Carlton: What could be worse than finding out you're still a virgin?
Will: Those weren't vitamins you took. It was speed.
Carlton: Oh, my God! I'm a drug addict and a virgin!
Will: I had basketball practice and everything and one of the guys at school offered me these pills to help me stay awake and then Carlton... Look, all I know is that somebody very close to me that I love a whole lot could be dead right now and it'd be all my fault.
Carlton: Will, how long have you been on drugs?
Will: I haven't been taken no drugs. I mean, I thought about it... you wouldn't understand.
Carlton: Will, you're not the only person whose thought about taking drugs.
Will: You're kidding.
Carlton: Hey, I've got a wild side. I don't always wear shower shoes to the gym.
Will: I can't believe you thought about it.
Carlton: Yeah, but after last night, I never will again.

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