Lisa Wilkes
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Main Info
Family Fred Wilkes (father)

Yvonne Wilkes (mother)
Vy Smith (stepmother)
Will Smith (stepbrother)
Eli Smith (step-grandfather)
Vivian Banks (step-aunt)
Helen Smith (step-aunt)
Janice Smith (step-aunt)
Phillip Banks (step-uncle)
Lester Lewis (step-uncle)
Frank Schaffer, Sr. (step-uncle)
Hilary Banks (step-cousin)
Carlton Banks (step-cousin)
Ashley Banks (step-cousin)
Nicky Banks (step-cousin)
Bobby Lewis (step-cousin)
Frank Schaffer, Jr. (step-cousin)

First Appearance "Will's Misery"
Last Appearance "For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll"
Actor Nia Long

Beulah "Lisa" Wilkes was introduced in season 5 as the girl Will was wanting to marry.

History Edit

At first, Lisa, portrayed by Nia Long, was introduced in the fifth season episode, "Will's Misery," as the girlfriend who tames Will into forsaking his womanizing ways. She also played Claudia in the episode "She Ain't Heavy", where she played the role of a stupid date Will took to the dance when Dee Dee (Queen Latifah) didn't answer his calls.

The two fall deeply in love and are engaged to be married, going so far as the ceremonies twice, but never actually tie the knot. The first time, they elope to Las Vegas and try a Shaft-themed wedding, but walk out on the ceremony after being interrupted so many times and realizing they weren't ready. The second time they try to get married, Will starts feeling some doubts, especially when he notices that, like Jazz, he also knows very little about Lisa, culminating in him asking if Lisa is her real first name, upon which she reveals it's actually Beulah. Will manages to overcome these doubts but Lisa reveals that she is also having doubts and the two decide not to marry. She is never seen again.

Lisa's father, Fred, was played by actor John Amos, who starred in the 1970s sitcom "Good Times" as James Evans, Sr. The night before the wedding, Lisa and Will send Vy and Lisa's father to a restaurant to get to know each other and they are caught sleeping together. When Lisa and Will cut their second wedding short, he and Will's mother decide not to let the ceremony go to waste; they get married right then and there. Thus, Lisa and Will become stepbrother and stepsister.

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