Mistaken Identity
Season 1, Episode 6
Air Date October 15, 1990
Writer(s) Susan Borowitz and Andy Borowitz
Director Jeff Melman
Previous Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy
Next Def Poet's Society

Mistaken Identity is episode six of the first season from the television sitcom on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. This show was originally aired from NBC on October 15, 1990. It was directed by Jeff Melman and written both by Susan Borowitz and Andy Borowitz.

Summary Edit

While Philip and Vivian go on a trip to Palm Springs in Mr. Furth's helicopter, Will and Carlton drive Mr. Furth's Mercedes there as well. While trying to find the way, Carlton has the car slow down to 2 MPH attracting the attention of the police. They get pulled over and arrested for "stealing" the car. They attempt to call home for help, but Jeffrey hangs up on them since it was his day off and thought they were being lazy again.

Luckily, Will was able to get his Uncle Phil's attention by telling a phony confession on TV. Uncle Phil and Mr. Furth head down to the jail where the police treat Phil and Viavian poorly and inform Mr. Furth that they found his car, still believing that the boys are thieves until they are corrected by him. Phil then proceeds to verbally beat down the two officers by first informing them of his status as a lawyer then threatening them that they don't have evidence, didn't follow procedure and made no attempt to contact neither the boys lawyers or parents (of which he is both in this case) and if they don't let Will and Carlton go right now, he will investigate them, guarentee they will be found guilty of racial profiling and "bury them in so much litigation that their grandchildren are gonna need lawyers!". The police let the two go with haste.

Back home, Carlton is still trying to make excuses as to why the police pulled them over as he has done since being arrested, Will angrily tells him that the cops arrested them because they thought they stole it, because they were two black men driving something other than a beat up old lemon. Carlton scoffs and considers this absurd until he asks his father to confirm his belief that the police were only doing their job, only for him to say he was like Carlton is right now when he was first pulled over. This was the privileged Carlton's first experience with racial profiling. His father and street-wise cousin leave him with much to ponder when they clue him in on the realities of the system.

Meanwhile, Hilary babysits Ashley and proves to be an unhealthy influence on the young girl.

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Trivia Edit

  • A segment of Bob singing I Write The Songs is cut out in syndication.
  • Will was wearing a Freddy Krueger costume when he appeared in the back seat scaring Carlton.
  • Syndication cuts the scene where Hilary forces Ashley to answer the phone.
  • This is the second appearance of Henry and Margaret Furth.
  • When TBS and ABC Family aquired the show, they skipped the part where cop #2 tells Vivian to calm down.

Quotes Edit

Carlton: (recording on a tape recorder) Plans for Palm Springs. One, work on golf swing. Two, review SAT practice book. Three, ask Mr. Firth about a summer internship.
Will (pops up from behind his chair wearing a Freddy Krueger mask): Four, get the stick out of your butt!

Geoffrey (on the phone): Lazy house.
Will: Yo, G., what up, yo? This is Will. I need a big favor.
Geoffrey: I am tired of doing favors for you spoiled children. I'm off duty. I am not an animal! (hangs up)
Will': Yo! I need another phone call. My butler hung up on me.

TV Reporter: The ringleader agreed to confess only if a camera crew were present to broadcast live. What you're about to see is a Minuteman-21 News exclusive. (camera shows Will)
Will: Yeah, we've done it! Word to Big Bird. We flicked 8 Benzitos, 15 Jags, and a Maserati, but I didn't like the upholstery, so I took it back, Jack!
Reporter: Do you have anything to say? (camera shows Carlton)
Carlton (whining): Daaad!

Philip (to the police officer): I've got a few questions for you. When you got this alleged confession from these two young men, did they have a lawyer present? No, because I'm their lawyer. Did you notify their parents? No, because we're their parents. So officer, don't tell us to wait and don't tell us to sit down. Just open that damn cell and let those two boys outta there or I'm gonna tie this place up with so much litigation (lividly) that your grandchildren are gonna need lawyers!

Will: Yo, Carlton.
Carlton: Yeah?
Will: Those cops were just doing their jobs?
Carlton: Will, don't get all bent out of shape.
Will: Man, you ain't learn nothing this weekend, did you?
Carlton: I most certainly did. Always bring a map.
Will: What?!
Carlton: If we would have a map, we wouldn't have had to drive 2 miles an hour trying to find a freeway entrance, and we wouldn't have been stopped.
Will: Oh, ok, ok. I get it now. We were stopped because we were driving too slow. Yeah, we were breaking the slowness limit. Oh, ok, well you see, I've never heard of that law before, but I did hear this other law. It's called the "if you see a black guy driving anything but a burnt-out Pinto, you better stop him because he stole it" law. Yeah, I've heard that one. Oh, but see, I thought it was the black guy law, when in actuality, it was the slowness limit law. Oh, thank you for sharing that with me, Carlton. Good night.

Carlton (to Will): What's your complaint here? We were detained for a few hours, Dad cleared things up, and we were released. The system works.
Will: I hope you like that system because you'll be seeing a whole lot of it in your lifetime.
Carlton: Not if I bring a map.
Will: You just don't get it, do you? No map is going to save you and neither is your glee club, or your fancy Bel-Air address or who your daddy is. Because when you're driving in a nice car in a strange neighborhood, none of that matters. They only see one thing. (taps Carlton on his face)
Carlton: Well, maybe growing up where you did has made you a little touchy, but I think you've blown this whole thing out of proportion. If you look at the facts...
(Will walks away disgusted)

Carlton: Dad, if you were a police man, and you saw a car driving at two miles an hour, wouldn't you stop it?
Philip: I asked myself that question the first time I was stopped. Good night, son. (he goes upstairs)
Carlton: I would stop it.

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