Not With My Cousin You Don't
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 07
Air Date November 6, 1995
Writer(s) Adam Markowitz
Director Shelley Jensen
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Next Viva Lost Wages

Not With My Cousin You Don't is the seventh episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's sixth season which was first broadcast on November 6, 1995.

Summary Edit

In a process of testing out the new intercom in their mansion, Will and Carlton accidentally overhear Ashley talking about having sex with her boyfriend who is going to be leaving soon. After Ashley finds out that Will and Carlton overheard her, she becomes furious and storms out of the house and leaves with her boyfriend. Ashley then tells her boyfriend if they are rushing because he is leaving, and they both agree that they are not ready. Will apologizes to Ashley saying he still has trouble seeing her beyond the little girl her first saw when he moved to Bel-Air. Ashley accepts his apology and says that it is not the worst thing to have a cousin who cares too much.

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