Not with My Pig, You Don't
Season 1, Episode 4
Not with My Pig, You Don't
Air Date October 1, 1990
Writer(s) Lisa Rosenthal
Director Jeff Melman
Previous Clubba Hubba
Next Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy

Not with My Pig, You Don't is episode four of the first season from the television sitcom on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. This show was originally aired from NBC on October 1, 1990. It was directed by Jeff Melman and written by Lisa Rosenthal.

Plot Edit

Philip's parents (Hattie and Joe Banks) come to visit for the weekend when he wins a prestigious award, who inadvertently reveal his embarrassing country roots. A reporter (Kathy Griffin) comes to the Banks' house to interview Philip about his life, but plans to kill the story because she finds himboring.

Will, overhearing, tells her embarrassing stories about Philip's past "barnyard life" he heard from Philip's parents. This goes down well with the newspaper editors and Philip's parents, but Philip seems ashamed until he makes his acceptance speech, where he shows renewed pride in his roots.

Synopsis Edit

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Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Philip says he won a case called Quincy vs. Jones. Quincy Jones is the executive producer for the show.
  • The kitchen in this episode is very different than it is in the rest of the season's run.
  • Running Gag: Hattie beating Will at a game of cards.
  • Running Gag: Will trying to get Hattie to forgive Philip.
  • This is actually the sixth episode to be produced, but the fourth to be broadcasted.
  • The episode's title is a pun on the 1966 movie, Not With My Wife, You Don't, starring Tony Curtis and Virna Lisi.
  • The first scene of this episode is shortened in syndication.
  • This is the 2nd time Will speaks to the camera.
  • During Will's talk with Uncle Phil in the bathroom when telling him that Hattie will forgive Phil for being ashamed of his roots, Uncle Phil tells him that there is something he needs to learn which is "parents just don't understand." This is a reference to the song of the same name by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

Goofs Edit

  • When Philip talks about the award, Hilary is excited that she's getting two new dresses for the interview and the awards banquet. However, Hilary isn't wearing a new dress during the interview; she's not even wearing a dress at all. Despite the fact that the Banks' don't get their picture taken during the interview, Hilary didn't know that until the reporter arrived.
  • Philip wins the Urban Spirit Award in this episode. This is ironic because his parents made it clear that he grew up in a rural area in North Carolina.

Quotes Edit

  • Geoffrey: Shall I continue to delay dinner, Madam?
  • Vivian: Yes, Geoffrey. I don't know where he could be. He's never this late without calling.
  • Ashley: Do you think Daddy's alright?
  • Carlton: He's awfully late, Mom.
  • Vivian: OK, let's not jump to any conclusions. I know we're all worried but let's not --
  • Will: Oh! Bill Cosby has a streetwise niece coming on the show. That should be decent.  

  • Hattie: (singing) "Wade in the water... wade in the water, children... wade in the water... God's gonna trouble the ... It's 3:00 in the morning, Will"
  • Will: How did you see me?
  • Hattie: Mama knows.
  • Will: Granny, please don't tell Uncle Phil. I'm just a little bit past my curfew.
  • Hattie: How much is a little?
  • Will: Well, let's just say I went out after I was suppose to be in.
  • Hattie: Don't do it again.
  • Will: Ok, well, what're you doing up so late?
  • Hattie: Oh, honey, I had to get and get breakfast started. I don't know what y'all have that Geoffrey for. Five-card draw?
  • Will: Yeah, I'm with it. You know, Granny, I really like you. You and Grandpa, y'all have fun telling jokes; y'all bust me up!
  • Hattie: Thank you, son.
  • Will: Hey, Granny, it's late, everybody's asleep, you can level with me... Uncle Phil's adopted, right?
  • Hattie: Oh, now, we're real proud of Zeke. Did you know he won the Young Farmer's of America Pig Racing trophy.
  • Will: Nah, I didn't know that, but I'd love to hear some more details about that.
  • Hattie: Won it four years running. They had to retire slopbucket.
  • Will: Slopbucket? Oh, I can't wait 'till he wakes up!
  • Hattie: Respect your elders, son. Hmm-hmm, see, I beat ya.

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