Penelope Fowler
Main Info
Family Lord Fowler (father)
First Appearance "Nice Lady"
Last Appearance "Nice Lady"

Penelope Fowler (also known as Lady Penelope) is the daughter of British aristocrat, Lord Fowler and Geoffrey's previous employer before the Banks family. She is openly fond of higher-class activities such as going to the opera when really, she despises these hobbies. Instead she smokes and goes out to parties unbeknownst to her father.

History Edit

When she and her father arrive in the United States to visit Geoffrey and the Banks family. She is insistent on going to the opera with Will Smith (who has to keep an eye in order to go to his Ziggy Marley concert) When the everyone else leaves, Will gets ready to take her to the opera but suddenly, she takes off to a very seedy bar in Los Angeles (much to Will's chagrin) Will is left with no choice but to warn Geoffrey of her wild, uncontrollable behaviour. Geoffrey worries about losing Phillip's respect and his job and Will worries about losing his allowance to go the Ziggy Marley concert. Will and Geoffrey hatch a plan to get Lady Penelope back and succeed. She states to her father that she had a nice time at the opera. He believes her as he was completely unaware that she was at L.A's most roughest bar. This effectively gives Will an alibi and Phillip allows him to go to the Ziggy Marley concert though unlike her father, he sees that the story Penelope told is fake. 

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