Reality Bites
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 03
Air Date September 26, 1994
Writer(s) David Zuckerman
Director Shelley Jensen
Previous {{{previous}}}
Next Grumpy Young Men

Reality Bites is the third episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fifth season which was first broadcast on September 26, 1994.

Summary Edit

Will reluctantly agrees to take Nicky to see his childhood hero, Dougie The Whale, when he makes an appearance at the local mall. When problems occur on stage, the actor who plays Dougie gets angry and shouts obscenities at the crew behind the curtain. However, Will finds this unacceptable, and decides to have a word with Dougie. This results in the pair having a fight, and Nicky not talking to Will. Meanwhile, Hilary suffers the consequences when she parks in the spot of co-talk show host, Leeza Gibbons.

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