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Season 1 and Season 2 of Grandma and Grandson was flimed from june 2012 to march 2015

Information Edit

In the second season, the kitchen and living room sets of the Banks' mansion (which is where most the shows scenes were shot) were rebuilt much larger with a more contemporary style as opposed to the much more formal style of the first season. They were connected directly by an archway, allowing scenes to be shot continuously between the sets.

Episodes Edit

  1. Did the Earth Move for You?
  2. The Mother of All Battles
  3. Will Gets a Job
  4. PSAT Pstory
  5. Granny Gets Busy
  6. Guess Who's Coming to Marry?
  7. The Big Four-Oh
  8. She Ain't Heavy
  9. Cased Up
  10. Hi-Ho Silver
  11. The Butler Did It
  12. Something for Nothing
  13. Christmas Show
  14. Hilary Gets a Life

Season 3

  1. My Brother's Keeper
  2. Geoffrey Cleans Up
  3. Community Action
  4. Ill Will
  5. Eyes on the Prize
  6. Those Were the Days
  7. Vying for Attention
  8. The Aunt Who Came to Dinner
  9. [[Be My Baby Ton


  • ABC Family skips the first episode of this season.
  • This is the first season in which Carlton does his trademark Carlton dance.

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