Someday Your Prince Will
Be in Effect (Part 2)
Season 01, Episode 09
Air Date October 29, 1990
Writer(s) Bennie Richburg, Jr.
Director Jeff Melman
Previous Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (Part 1)
Next Kiss My Butler

Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (Part 2) is the ninth episode of the first season, which was originally broadcasted on October 29, 1990.

Summary Edit

Will and Carlton both try to win Melinda over by making up stories about themselves. She ultimately chooses Carlton over Will, though she is hiding a secret.

However, Will finds a date, a waitress named Cindy. Carlton thinks he still won the bet, but then security guards arrive and reveal Melinda to be bank thief. Since Carlton has lost his date, Will wins the bet.

Some trick-or-treaters come by and Will tells the scary story of "The Beast of Bel-Air", pointing at Carlton as he walks into the room with a robe on, which scares the kids out of the house. 


  • The episode title is a reference to "Someday My Prince Will Come", a song from the 1937 animated Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The song can be heard when Will is dancing with Cindy though the plot beginning with Cindy's arrival to the party is reminiscent of the film Cinderella

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