Something for Nothing
Season 02, Episode 12
Something for Nothing
Air Date December 9, 1991
Writer(s) Bill Streib
Director Ellen Falcon
Previous The Butler Did It
Next Christmas Show

Something for Nothing is the twelfth episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's second season which was first broadcast on December 9, 1991.


At the Monte Carlo fundraiser, Will has a streak of good luck and manages to win $1,000 that will be donated to charity. However, Will refuses to give the money and leaves. At brunch the next day at the country club, the attendants begin to assume that the Banks family is in financial trouble and Will didn't give the check back as he promised Phillip. Phillip learns that charity isn't always an organized club as Will does give the money to someone less fortunate: His friend Ramon, who had been doing odd jobs to afford his way into basketball camp.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey, having felt bad that Ashley was not allowed to attend the Monte Carlo fundraiser, plays poker with Ashley in the kitchen. However, he loses $94 to her and though he is clearly upset over the loss, he refuses to take the money back out of pride. Geoffrey eventually takes the money back and apologizes to Ashley over his foolish behavior.

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