Talking Turkey
Season 01, Episode 12
Talking Turkey
Air Date November 19, 1990
Writer(s) Cheryl Gard
Director Jeff Melman
Previous Courting Disaster
Next Knowledge is Power

Talking Turkey is the twelfth episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's first season which was first broadcast on November 19, 1990.

Summary Edit

Will's mom, Vy, comes to the Banks' house for Thanksgiving. She gets angry when she sees that the kids leave all of the work to Geoffrey and criticizes her sister for being too easy on the kids.

Vivian then decides to make the kids cook Thanksgiving dinner. Carlton also invites his English teacher to the dinner. However, dinner turns out to be a disaster with Vy and Vivian coming together to cook a last-minute meal. Vivian tells Vy she was hurt by the comments about being too easy on the kids, viewing it as criticism towards being a bad mother. Vy tells her that she is a good mother and would not have to sent Will to live in Bel-Air if it wasn't true, making up with her. Vy and Will also hug in the kitchen, realizing how much they miss each other's company since Will moved. 

Quotes Edit

  • Vy: Will hasn't been causing y'all any trouble hasn't he?
  • Vivian: No, he's wonderful. Right, Philip? Philip?
  • Philip: Let's just say he takes after you, Vy.

(they laugh)

  • Vy: Look Vivian, I don't mean to be critcal, but I didn't like what I saw today. Will's got a bunch of grown men doing all the work he should be doing! I haven't seen him lift a finger 'cept to scratch his head.

Trivia Edit

  • The family dances to Ain't Too Proud To Beg by The Temptations. This song is heard again in the Season 5 episode, To Thine Own Self Be Blue... and Gold.
  • This is the first Thanksgiving episode in the series. The second one is There's The Rub from Season 6.
  • This is the first appearance of Will's mother, Vy, but this is her only Season 1 appearance.
  • This is the second appearance of Will and Carlton's English teacher, Mr. Fellows.
  • Carlton invites his English teacher to dinner in order to raise his grade to an 'A'. Ironically for him, Will is the getting the 'A' instead.
  • Vy and Vivian both say the term 'a free ride in a fancy car'. When Will says it, he has it reversed. He says 'a fancy ride in a free car'.

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