The Baby Comes Out
Season 3, Episode 20
Air Date February 22, 1993
Writer(s) Winifred Hervey
Director Shelley Jensen
Previous Just Say Yo
Next You Bet Your Life

The Baby Comes Out Of The Vagina is the twentieth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's third season which was first broadcasted on February 22, 1993.

Summary Edit

Vivian's baby is a week late, but family members and her visiting sisters are nowhere to be found when it's time to rush to the hospital. The only people left in the house are Geoffrey and Ashley--who is too young to drive with regard to everybody else unable to drive her down to the hospital.


Vivian goes into labor as the family, wanting to get a break for her demands, go off on their own. Hilary, Vy, Janice and Carlton go to a beauty salon while Phillip and Will go to the hospital for Phillip's sympathy pains. Ashley drives Vivian to the hospital while Geoffrey, after being called by Phillip, manages to get Hilary, Vy, Janice and Carlton. Vivian gives birth to a baby boy named Nicholas Andrew Banks though the family argues on different names such as Eli and Rufus as the doctor takes their photo.

Cast and Characters Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode where Will gets trapped in an elevator.
  • Running Gag: whenever Vivian squeezes someone's hand, she squeeze so hard that it breaks their hand--and the person saying, "MY HAND!" with pain.
    • Although Will pulled his hand away from Vivian after she hurt Carlton and Hilary's hand by squeezing them, he is still seen in the kitchen with the rest of the family with his hand wrapped up in a bandage. 
    • Phillip, Janice and Vy are the only characters to not have their hands squeezed by Vivian in the episode.
  • Before the end of season three, executive producers Andy and Susan Borowitz are decided not to renew Janet Hubert-Whitten's contact citing that she was fired when their following her pregnancy and difficulties working and lacked enough dramatic contrast, but her last appearance in episode "The Way We Were".

Quotes Edit

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