The Ethnic Trip
The Ethnic Trip
Episode No. 17
Season Season 1
Episode infomation
Original Broadcast Date January 14, 1991
Network NBC
Written by Benny Medina
Jeff Pollack
Directed by Jeff Melman
Chronological Information
Preceded by Lucky Charm
Followed by The Young and the Restless

Deck the Halls is the seventeenth episode of the first season from the television sitcom on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which was originally aired from NBC on January 14, 1991. It was directed by Jeff Melman and written both by Benny Medina and Jeff Pollack.

Summary Edit

Will proposes a black history class be instituted at Bel-Air Academy, and gets a surprise when Aunt Viv decides to teach it.

Unlike the rest of the class, however, Will and Carlton gradually become less enthusiastic when Aunt Viv gives them harder work in comparison. This culminates in the two being hesitant to sign a 148-signature petition to have Aunt Viv as their permanent history teacher over Coach Smiley.

At home, Will and Carlton tell Aunt Viv about their disappointment with being given all the hard work, believing it to be because of their relationship. Aunt Viv is surprised and believed that both Will and Carlton would have been more invested in the class, being the only two black students. Aunt Viv tells Will that he cannot call himself a student of black history unless he knows all of the facts about the entire struggle.


  • Running Gags
    1. Carlton eavesdropping on the Will and Vivian's conversation
    2. Will trying to answer every question, but getting them wrong each time
    3. Will trying to act as the star of the class.


Will: I'm going to be the star of this class.
Carlton: No you're not, I am.
Will: How do you figure that?
Carlton: The teacher's my mommy.
Will: I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X three times.
Vivian: And that makes you a serious black history student?
Will: It's a very important book.
Vivian: Will, you can read the books, you can wear the T-shirts, you can put up the posters and you can shout the slogans, but unless you know all the facts, you are just trivializing the entire struggle.