The Mother of All Battles
Season 02, Episode 02
The Mother of All Battles
Air Date September 16, 1991
Writer(s) Andy Borowitz
Director Ellen Falcon
Previous Did the Earth Move for You?
Next Will Gets a Job

The Mother of All Battles is the second episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's second season which was first broadcasted on September 16, 1991.

Summary Edit

Ashley is having trouble with a girl at school. She goes to Will for advice on what to do. Will tries to teach Ashley to fight while Carlton steps in and makes things worse by keeping her from defending herself. Which does Ashley choose? The next day at school, Carlton and Will show up and after failing to talk the bully down and scare her, they bribe her to leave Ashley alone for $50. However, she resumes bullying Ashley when Carlton's check bounces.

When the bully's parents bring her over to the Banks', her parents start on Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv, believing their daughter to be innocent and Ashley to be the bad one, as well as acting condescending over the two; after a your Momma joke directed at Uncle Phil takes things too far, Uncle Phil punches the bully's father for ignoring the truth. The bully and Ashley make up in the kitchen and become friends when it's revealed she thought Ashley was after a guy she liked. Uncle Phil tells Ashley that he hopes she will do the opposite of what feels right in the future as losing his cool against the bully's father was wrong.


  • Will and Carlton came into Ashley's school for the first time to try to help her.
  • Philip punches Dr. Hoover for ignoring the truth about his daughter which causes him to lose control of his temper.

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