The Wedding Show (Psyche!)
Airdate February 27, 1995
Written by Maiya Williams
David Zuckerman
Directed by Shelley Jensen
Will Is From Mars
Slum Like It... Not!

The Wedding Show (Psyche!) is the eighteenth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fifth season which was first broadcast on February 27, 1995.

Summary Edit

When Philip proposes plans for Will and Lisa's wedding, they plea to his better side to allow them to have a small ceremony. When he fails to listen, Lisa drafts in her father from Cleveland, in hope that he will have more reasonable aspirations. However, he turns out to be no better, so Will and Lisa decide to elope from Bel-Air and marry secretly in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile When Hilary is being audited by IRS, Carlton help her with the audited (mostly because she let him do her taxes and he invest most of them in a company he made up) and before their first meeting with IRS agent Daly, Carlton convince Hilary to dress leather outfit in order get Daley to be on their side, sadly it was revealed Daly is a women but during the meeting, Daly was shown to be attract to Carlton and suggest to have a private meeting with her, only to discover she want to have his way with her but Carlton came prepared and had a hidden tape recorder in his pants and threaten to sue her unless she sign the form, exonerating Hilar, in which she did but not before calling him a dork (while he did a word play on her with "D's"