Trevor Collins-Newsworthy
Main Info
Full Name Trevor Collins-Newsworthy
Occupation News Anchor (Formerly)
First Appearance Hilary Gets a Job
Last Appearance Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 2)
Actor Brian Stokes Mitchell

Trevor Collins-Newsworthy is the boyfriend of Hilary Banks throughout the third season introduced in the episode "Hilary Gets a Job". Trevor is noted for saying "Goodnight and God speed" at the end of the news shows and even does this when talking to people. He was one of Hilary's most important love interests on the show and even stayed in the pool house with her, something that Phillip and Vivian are angered about upon hearing. In "A Night at the Oprah", Trevor is shown to have an ex-girlfriend named Alexis who shares the same mannerisms, style of speaking and clothing style as Hilary.

In the episode "Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 2)", Trevor plans to propose to Hilary while bungee jumping during a live segment but ends up dying after hitting his head on the way down. Trevor's death has a major impact on Hilary and it is how Carlton and Will end up with the pool house as she can't bear to be in the same places Trevor once was. In "Hex and the Single Guy", a spiritualist named Ralph Scorpius helps Hilary and the family contact Trevor but upon talking to him, she asks him where her suede purse is located.

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