Twas the Night Before Christening
Season 04, Episode 13
Air Date December 20, 1993
Writer(s) Maiya Williams
Eddie Gorodetsky
Director Shelley Jensen
Previous You've Got to Be a Football Hero
Next Sleepless in Bel-Air

Twas the Night Before Christening is the thirteenth episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's fourth season which was first broadcast on December 20, 1993.

Summary Edit

Surprised by the expensive gifts that the Banks family bought for baby Nicky's christening on Christmas Eve, Will foolishly promises to provide a live performance by the R&B music group Boyz II Men. Geoffrey is choosen as the child's godfather.

Plot Edit

On Christmas of 1998, Phillip tells Nicky about his christening and the origin of his four middle names.

The family gets Nicky expensive gifts for his christening and Will ends up putting his foot in his mouth by promising to invite Boyz II Men to perform at the christening after seeing from Ashley how Nicky dances to their music. Will sneaks into the radio station but is thrown out when it is revealed Will stole the girlfriend of Nathan, a member of the group, back in Philadelphia. Will sneaks back in the studio in Carlton's Santa suit and convinces the group to perform, though he blows his cover when the beard falls down.

At the christening, Geoffrey is chosen by Vivian to be Nicky's godfather due to the bickering between Helen and Vy. Will prepares to announce to everyone he failed to deliver Boyz II Men as they come into the christening singing "Silent Night".

Phillip reveals to Nicky that he is named after all the members of Boyz II Men: Michael McCary, Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris.

Notes Edit

  • Future Episode in 1998, is when Phil tells his son Nicky about his christening. But, in 1996 the Banks family move out of Bel-Air. So, this future episode never happened. However, while it is unlikely, it isn't impossible for the Banks family to have moved back in within those two years.
  • Technically, Nicky has five middle names as Andrew is his middle name in "The Baby Comes Out".

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