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Philip "Zeke" Banks
Main Info
Full Name Phillip Banks
Occupation Lawyer (formerly)

Judge (currently)

Age 45-50 years old
Birth January 30th, 1945
Family Hattie Banks (mother)

Vivian Banks (wife)
Carlton Banks and Nicky Banks (sons)
Ashley Banks and Hilary Banks (daughters)
Will Smith (marital nephew)

First Appearance The Fresh Prince Project
Last Appearance I, Done: Part 2
Actor James Avery

Philip "Zeke" Bank

Personality: Edit

Phillip Zeke Banks also known as Uncle Phill is a very quick tempered character throughout the whole show. Phillip often tends to lose his temper due to Will and Carltons habit of annoying him and Hillary's stupidity and unimmatureness.Vivan is usally the only person that can calm Phillip when he looses his cool.Phillip is a very strict father but a good father and husband. Even though Phillip tends to lose his temper fairly quickly he means well deep down and he loves and cares deeply about his profession and family.Phillip also loves food and had a pet pig when he was a child. According to Hattie Banks Phillips childhood is filled with embarrassing stories. Phillip is very protective over his mother and his father is deceased.He is currently a judge and was a lawyer. He is very cheap, but he does let it slide when he lets his daughter Hilary shops. Even though it bothers him and annoys him.

Education: Edit

Phillip was accepted by Yale University, Harvard University, Stanford University, the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton University. Phillip pursued his education at Princeton University. Phillip had no reason to why he didn't want to go to the other universities. We learn that Phillip went to Princeton University when he passes on his extremely large Princeton sweatshirt as gift to Carlton for getting accepted to Princeton. After he graduated from Princeton, he went to Harvard Law School and graduated. We also learn that in season 2 episode 2 The Mother of All Battles Phillip mentions the universities he got accepted to and that he also got accepted to Princeton. Phillip is currently a judge and was a former lawyer.

Notes Edit

Philips Banks relationship with Will is similar to Carl and Eddie Winslow. But sometimes their relationship is also similar to Carl and Steve Urkel.

Philips Banks is similar to Cliff Huxtable on the cosby show and Carl Winslow on Family Matters.

Philip and Carlton have a good relationship.

Phil is a conservative republican, just like his son Carlton Banks.

He is fan of President Ronald Reagan and a neighbor of his. Reagan went to his house once in christmas.

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