Summery: After Will was hauled back by the production studios of the series, he was glad to see Jazz who was not in a good mood after his wife threw him out of his home. Nicky appears as he confuses Jazz on who he is. Meanwhile, Uncle Phil opens a record store, Will believes it is his chance to pursue a career featuring music. However, when Uncle Phil refuses him a job, Will discovers that Ashley has a talent in music. He decides to create a demo tape of Ashley, and take it to a big recording executive - who after seeing her live, gives her a $30,000 contract. All is well until Uncle Phil makes it clear he does not want his daughter pursuing a career in music.

Original Airdate: Original Airdate


  • First episode with Ross Bagley playing Nicky as a 5 year old.
  • In the beginning of the episode where Will tells Uncle Phil, that he is staying in Philadelphia, but NBC executives bring him back to Bel-Air. So, they changed it where Will actually spent the summer in Philadelphia with his mother.


  • Director/s
  • Writer/s

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